How to Move Applicants

Sometimes applicants apply to one position, but their qualifications might indicate a better fit with another position. Or maybe you want to move them into a candidate database category for future consideration. Our Move Applicants feature can help with this issue. Here's how to complete the process:

1. Click on the Job Posting title on your dashboard located in the Active Jobs section.

 2. Then click on the View Applicants button next to the name of the applicant you want to move. 

3. Once the application viewer pops up, go to the application viewer toolbar and click on Manage drop down menu, and select Move to Different Job.



4. A move application pop up window will appear. Click on the job drop down menu to select which job you would like to move this applicant to. Bolded jobs indicate active listings, while unbolded jobs indicate inactive jobs and/or categories. Click Move Applicant to complete the process and then click on the x to close out of the pop up window. 


What Happens Next?

Once you have moved an applicant, that applicant will be added to the active job listing you designated, and you can begin the recruiting process in that position or category.